Making The Right Cut

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Newsbarbers, Making The Right Cut

Note: the following is a conversation between and among a group of young (and beautiful) bloggers who happend to have been talking about Newsbarbers.

to (darwin): we could not thank you enough for introducing Newsbarbers to your friends. hope we could chance upon you while you have your haircut and we could have a chat with you and we can probably accord you some valuable COURTESIES while you are in the shop. btw, our apologies for having reprinted (text only) the chat below. consequently, please accept our gratitude. thanks and God bless.

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May 1st, 2006
Who would have thought that the barbershop where I previously had my hair non-existent has a blog?!? I just found earlier today an evidence that Newsbarbers blogs ! Hello! to everyone at Newsbarbers! To those who were in outerspace since last friday (April 28, 2006), I would like you to know that it is the only barbershop I trusted to turn my head from this…

Is it obvious that I’m forcing myself to smile on this one? to this…

Isn’t it nice!?! Another bonus was that the one who did my hair wasn’t talkative as the ones who cut me before (which was like I was on a 30-minute interview). I just kept quiet and for the love of God, I was only asked one question: What is your haircut? If you want to take your head’s turn then go straight away to: SM Fairview, Regalado Avenue, Quezon City (In front of Fitness First). This is where I was cut and I know some of you who lives near here hehe or try their branches at… Circle C Center, Congressional Avenue, Quezon City (4539037) Ever Gotesco, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City (9527879)
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Posted by Darwin Isulong SeoPH

1. she is babynhayn says
uiii.. musta ka na? tagal kong di nakabisita rito wah.. sorry po.. ingatzz muah!
May 1st, 2006 #

2. ethel says
Aba naka posing uli ang gwapitong Darwinttot teka may email ako sayo, sa juicelog account mo tsaka sa tama ba yon? hehehe basta check mo ha! antay akow. CIAO
May 1st, 2006 #

3. ade says
your barbershop has a blog?
May 1st, 2006 #

4. jong says
haha. Nice! I wish bench fix has a blog too and showcase their new hairstyles. haha
May 1st, 2006 #

5. Darwin says
to She: Ok lang, ito buhay parin.

to Ate Ethelicious: Ok, tignan ko nga yang mail mo, mukang may surprise ka ata.

to Ade: No and yes! It’s not my barbershop, but a barbershop where I recently got a haircut which has a blog.

to Jong: I’ll never “ever” go back to fix! They made me wait (the thing I hate the most) for more than 2 hours whenever I go there. I gave them second and third chances before but they live up to their joy of wasting my time.
May 1st, 2006 #

6. Eric says
darwin magkano haircut dyan? akin na lang yung L’oreal mo!!!! sayang yun.. di mo na magagamit yun! Ahahahahahahah I love L’Oreal Out of bed. hay.. laging walang ganyan na stock pag pumupunta ako duty free sa clark kainis. ahehe
May 1st, 2006 #

7. cruise says
ganda nga ng haircut mo ngayon, cool na cool, ma subukan nga yan shop na yan, malapit lang pala sa amin. maswerte sila dahil may endorser na sila… tiyak madadagdagan ang customer nila sa ginawa mo
May 2nd, 2006 #

8. Sheryl says
win! aww..ang lalo nyan sa amin eh, taga taytay kaya ako lol , nagpaka-semi kalbo ka pala..sabagay mainit ngaun no? naka naman meron silang blog ok ung mga taga newsbarber ah hahaha. sensya na kung ngaun lang me ulet nakadalaw. namiss rin kitaaaa..sana chat ulet tau ane? byes
May 2nd, 2006 #

9. Keiyt says
I know it there.. lolx. Kulet ah.. blog blog pa. Hmm.. waaaaaaaaa!!! your cut’s okey but i still love the previous one.. that made you looked wafu.. lolx.. you’re current cut makes you look like a bsketball player.. yeah.. lolx. Ano ba naman. =P i miss it here.. :hugs: tc!
May 2nd, 2006 #

10. Darwin says
to Eric: P100 lang po ang haircut dun! Hahaha, type na type mo yung out of bed ah, try mong maghanap sa mga ordinaryong department stores o kaya sa grocery meron din.

to Cruise: Sige i-try mo din sa branch na malapit sayo. Dapat may libre akong haircut kasi enondorse ko sila. Ay! Kalbo pa pala ako hihihihi .

to Sheryl: Kumain ka ng mabuti sa Kainan ha hehehe at magpakabait ka! Ok rin ito para hindi uminit ang ulo ko.

to Keiyt: Alam mo yung barbershop na yon! Isa ka pala sa mga malapit lang din sa SM Fairview, isama mo yung kapatid mong maliit para magpahaircut if you want.
May 2nd, 2006 #

11. nao says
ang cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!
May 2nd, 2006 #

12. cruise says
tamang tama ang hairstyle mo sa panahon ngayon! sagot sa comment mo: mas halata kasing foreigner yung mga caucasian. tska may kasama akong hapon, kung baga may padrino. medyo mahigpit nga ata sila sa complete stranger na obvious na foreigner.
May 2nd, 2006 #

13. Eric says
akin na lang yng out of bed mo! ahaha baka balik din ako Clark one of these days, paubos na shampoo ko ay hair gel.. dun kasi ako usually namimili sa duty free kasi mura mga PX. hay im not helping the economy na naman. ehehe mura din kasi SPAM dun, spam lite, spam hickory, spam less sodium aheheh baka bili na lng muna ako sa dept store pag ayaw mo talag bigay out of bed mo ahahahah
May 3rd, 2006 #

14. EJAY says
Nice layout!! And nice pixies huh
May 3rd, 2006 #

15. jong says
haha bakit pala pinaghintay ka ng matagal? ako naman hindi pa nararanasan yong ganun. Mabait naman ang turing nila sakin. parang alagang hayop. haha
May 3rd, 2006 #

16. ethel says
wala! wala akong natanggap na reply mo! huhu… natanggap mo ba yong email ko at di ka lang nag reply? let me know naman ow!
May 3rd, 2006 #

17. Darwin says
Ate Ethelicious, naipadala ko na po ulit. Sa Ethelworld ko naipadala yung una, ngayon pati sa lollipop. lu na rin. Salamat po!
May 3rd, 2006 #

18. Sheryl says
oist win-tot!! update na ok OK!?
May 4th, 2006 #

19. richard says
stumbled upon your page,…
May 4th, 2006 #

20. lianne says
astig naman ung barbershop na un! may blog pa. haha! cool. nice pic!
May 4th, 2006 #

21. nao says
bunso, update update pls. ako’y atat magbasa ng bago mong post
May 4th, 2006 #

22. Laarni says
balidoso. i go to ystilo naman. nice hair btw. *blushes*
May 4th, 2006 #

23. newsbarbers says
we humbly express our sincerest gratitude for all your very kind words on newsbarbers. you, indeed, make us more efficient and effective in our public service. just keep on visiting newsbarbers and, who knows, a lot of surprises might come your way.

astig na rin talaga ang mga bata ngayon because, as you can see, mga bata rin ang ating mga barbero sa newsabrbers.

we are just trying to make the glory of barbering be back again, albeit, the proliferation of beauty parlors.

thanks and God bless.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Building a business for employees – Newsbarbers’ Dennis A. Gadil (ENTERPRISER) - BusinessWorld – 24 July 2006


Tradition has it that we go to our friendly neighborhood barbershop, not only for a haircut but also to hear about the latest talk of the town, the community gossip or whatever news there is.

Dennis A. Gadil, a newspaper man, said this is a tradition he wanted to keep alive because he credits his narrative skills to his neighborhood barbershop in Paranaque, where he grew up.

Mr. Gadil has been working as a journalist for Malaya since 1993, covering mainly the legislative beats.

Because of this, Mr. Gadil, along with his fellow newsmen, thought of putting up Newsbarbers.

Mr. Gadil made sure, however, that his barbershop is no ordinary shop. More importantly, Newsbarbers is both a business and a venue to empower employees by teaching them not just about business but about investing.

Thus, its owners make it a point that its barbers will have the opportunity to become part owners through the money that they put in the company.

Mr. Gadil and former People’s Journal reporter Zaldy de Loyola opened the first branch at Ever Gotesco mall along Commonwealth Avenue in August 2002.

Now, barely four years since the launch of Newsbarbers, the group has three operating branches in Circle C mall in Congressional, SM Fairview and the one in Ever Gotesco. The group will open two more this year – one in SM Bacoor and another in SM Pasig.

The opportunity came when eight seasoned barbers defected from an existing shop because of poor labor practices. Mr. Gadil and his colleagues thought of helping the workers by providing a venue where they could practice their skills under a labor-friendly environment. Now, the group is proud of how Newsbarbers has turned out.

“It’s basically the same service but the major difference is how we run the business and how we treat the employees,” Mr. Gadil told BusinessWorld.

His employees have, in fact, become investment partners, an opportunity they never thought would happen. Buddy Gonzales, the shop’s head barber, is now part owner because his employers encouraged him to put up his money into the business. He has also been appointed area manager.

“We also have a trust fund for employees that they can tap for loans in case of emergency or whatever need arises,” Mr. Gadil said.

Former radio journalist Terence Grana said the group would continue to maintain good service to their clients and help empower employees. The utility men or the janitors – there are at least two in every shop – are also trained to become barbers so they can earn more.

The group is also planning to expand the business over the next two years by opening it for franchise. “Franchising is the direction. We are looking at five franchises in two years,” Mr. Gadil said.

This bunch of newsmen-enterprisers, however, are not resting on their laurels. They have vowed to uphold the service and continue to teach and train their employees how to satisfy the customer.

And living up to its name, Newsbarbers also makes sure that clients can catch the latest neighborhood chit-chat, as well as the latest political and economic developments.

The television sets in each shop are tuned in to the news at the scheduled timeslots so that clients can listen to what’s happening.

Running the business, though, is not without challenges. Mr. Gadil complained about the tedious registration process in putting up the business, as well as the various tax requirements.

Mr. Gadil said it is not easy to run a business, but he advises would-be enterprisers to study the market first and familiarize themselves with what they are getting into.

“One has to master the formula of the particular business that he wants to get into,” he pointed out. In the case of Newsbarbers, the group chose to put up their businesses in malls because malling has become a one-stop shop experience for families.

This is in contrast to stand-alone barbers shops in commercial districts like Tomas Morato. Based on Newsbarbers’ experience, he said, it is more practical to have the shop inside malls because families would want to be able to do everything they want when they go out. The mother can do the groceries or shop with the children, while the husband can go to the barbershop while waiting.

But not all malls are ideal, he said. When asked why Newsbarbers did not expand in the newly opened Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Mr. Gadil said it is not the kind of mall where families would go to do the groceries or have a haircut. “It’s a very leisure-type mall,” he said. He also advises entrepreneurs to invite other investors if they want to put up a capital-intensive business such as a barbershop. If one can’t do it alone, it would be good to seek the help of other people. Investment in a barbershop can go as high as P900,000 to P1 million.